Pool lights

aquaquip QC led range

QC LED lights are available in either fixed colour or multi-colour options. The fixed colours are white, blue or green – the multi-colour option features Aqua-Quip’s unique Colour Selection Palette which provides an almost limitless variety of colour possibilities and a vast array of pre-programmed scroll and flash modes.

QC Series LEDs are energy efficient, drawing only 15% of the power requirement of older style halogen lights. QC LED lights incorporate the latest generation LED technology and thermal management system to ensure maximum light output and reliability. QC LED lights are significantly brighter than older 100w halogen systems.

Each QC Series Light is able to be operated from a supply voltage ranging from 12 Volt AC through to 32 Volt AC, thereby utilising the existing transformer.

spa electrics retro led range

The Retro-Series of underwater lighting will give your pool the radiant makeover it deserves this season.

The Retro-Series delivers greater illumination than a 100w halogen light while consuming less than 12watts of energy.

Start saving money today by upgrading from Halogen to LED, or if you already have LED why not add some more colour by upgrading to a brilliant 8 colour (10 settings) multi.

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