Product range

Explore our range of swimming pool equipment designed to enhance your lifestyle
  • Pumps

    Explore our range of variable and single speed pumps to suit all pools.

    All pumps we sell are designed and manufactured with quality materials and components.

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  • filters

    Explore our range of swimming pool filters made from the most durable materials that last.

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  • chlorinators

    Salt chlorinators provides a much more convenient, reliable and safe way to sanitise your swimming pool or spa.

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  • cleaners

    Explore our range of automatic pool cleaners, from suction cleaners that have stood the test of time, to specialised pressure cleaners and more modern robotic cleaners.

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  • lights

    We stock easy to install retro fit replacement lights for your pool.

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  • pool covers

    We supply and install Daisy's range of pool covers and rollers. Get us out today for a free measure and quote.

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